Location: Russia, Moscow
Area: 60 sq.m
Project Status: in progress
Year: 2022
Type of property: new building

The Customers under this project acquired a modular ready-for-living house, but after some time realised that neither the space nor furniture arranged along the walls suits them well. The Customers want us to create an aesthetically pleasing, cosy and minimalism-inspired space tailored to their expectations.

The Customers got enthusiastic over minimalism style after their trip to Scandinavia. The house follows suit of Nordic architecture, and we decided to keep this pattern when designing the interior.
The house is made of wood, and we wanted to keep this material inside within reasonable limits. We chose to go with the mix of dark and light woods.
The bedroom and wardrobe in the living room have been refurbished with dark wood. The other spaces have been finished with cold light wood. Outside trees add subtle colours. Cold colours surrounding the interior during the day will be transformed into subdued ones in the evening with fireplace sparks and ceiling lamp above the table covered with a felt lampshade making the living room space look cosy.
The guests will see a frameless mirror reflecting the outside view when entering the house. The entryway space is small but functional. The wardrobe for outer clothing is located to the right of the entrance. We increased the thickness of the wall with an entrance door to make a shallow closet and cover the technical cabinet and leave the space to store shoes.
The space of the kitchen-diner has a rather complex design, so we decided to make it look like a dark cube leading to the bedroom. It doesn't reach the ceiling due to the above beam. We made it look less oppressive by locating mirror panels behind it. Another mirror serves as a dividing wall between the kitchen-dinner and dressing room. The mirror reflects outside trees.

The living room is shaped by a corner sofa and the fireplace against it. Round hanging fireplace is the focus of this area. A projector and screen are provided for watching movies.

Wall-mounted panels behind the sofa are followed by a pull-out kitchen storage unit. A refrigerator is hidden behind one of the foreparts of this unit. A kitchen worktop is opposite and is a light unit with lower and upper storage cabinets. A round dining table with the ceiling lamp above covered with a felt lampshade is a kitchen centrepiece. This lamp creates a cosy ambience at dinner.
These Customers work from home office sometimes, so they asked for a separate workroom. The working zone near the window has a long computer table with pull-out drawers and in-built sockets. The sofa against table allows to use this room as a guest bedroom.
The bedroom is small, so we didn't place any cabinets and drawers there. We arranged a podium for the bed which is located against the window flanked by steps that act as bedside shelves. The whole podium area (floor and walls) has been made in dark colours stretching from the living room and ending here.

We built a dressing room and laundry area between the kitchen-diner and bedroom. This allowed us to make a small bedroom look more spacious and make geometrical shape of the kitchen-diner more distinct. There're two wardrobes in the dressing room. The right side is used to store clothes, the left side contains a laundry machine and dryer, as well as cleaning supplies.
One of the house modules is a lounge area with sauna. We arranged a large table with benches by the window in the lounge room. A large company can play board games at the table or enjoy a cup of tea after sauna.

The lounge area leads to the shower room located next to sauna. This is a small but highly functional facility. It includes both the space to store sauna supplies and a bathhouse oven.
The bathroom has been visually divided into two parts. A utilities cabinet with water heater and filters are placed against the front door. This area has been finished with timber. A white mosaic block stands to the right. A bath is placed at the sidewall with a sink and toilet on each side. All faucets and accessories are made of chrome.
The house consists of 3 modules. The central module includes a kitchen-diner and bedroom. The right module includes an entryway, bathroom with shower room and workroom. The left module includes a sauna and lounge room. One of our objectives was to preserve the overall design of the house in order to avoid major rearrangements. We kept the main areas intact. The only change that we've introduced was a separate dressing room and laundry area that we've placed between a kitchen-diner and bedroom. This allowed us to make a small bedroom look more spacious and make geometrical shape of the kitchen-diner more distinct.
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