Location: Russia, Moscow
Area: 40 sq.m
Project Status: implemented
Year: 2022
Type of property: new building

The client of this project is a man who works in IT, travels a lot, does sports, is interested in psychology and photography.
The main task for us was to design a space that reflects the personality of the client underlying the contrast of his hobbies.

We were inspired by the planning solution. As the client was not planning on doing any major redevelopment, we applied two contrasts to the original data – white and black.
This creates a bright side: the hallway, cloakroom and kitchen-diner area. And the dark side: the bedroom, dressing room and bathroom area.
The idea of contrast is supported by two other interesting combinations: chrome metal in the white part and pink metal in the black part.
But the special feature of the room was a unifying element – the deep blue lighting, which at night united the entire room into one.
When we enter the flat, we find ourselves in a white room with a view of the city. To the right of the entrance door is a storage space for outerwear, which is part of the entire white cube unit. Inside the volume, which has no doors, we see a large panoramic mirror, behind which there is also a hidden storage space. And on the right side you see open storage space for suitcases and household items.
The entire space of the kitchen-diner is made in white. Visually, we do not see the kitchen worktop, as it is hidden behind the sliding fronts of the functional white cube.
Against a backdrop of white facades, there is a freestanding island of crumpled metal, which becomes the focal point of the room. Above the island is a light fixture made of small metal plates.

Since the living room area is small, we came up with an interesting solution for the seating area. Modular white sofa made of elongated cylinders that becomes two armchairs when needed. In this way you can vary the scenarios of rest. There is also a white upholstered pouffe in front of the sofa, which can be used both as a coffee table and as a footstool when seated on the sofa.
The bedroom is a real chamber space, as it is enveloped in textured dark plaster. The bed itself, the bedside tables are made of chrome metal. But for cosiness and comfort, we have added a soft backrest in grey to the headboard. On either side of the bed are two hangers, in pink metal.

Opposite the bed, against the black wall, is a television that visually dissolves into the dark background. The bedroom also has access to a walk-in closet, where we applied our favourite way of placing storage. There are pull-out drawers at the bottom and the bar in black at the top.
The bathroom consists of 2 contrasting units, the dark part at the entrance and the white portal with the bathtub and shower. The dark-coloured part of the bathroom is made of textured stucco. Opposite the entrance, there is a utility closet, where the washing machine is hidden. This concept is complemented by black fittings: toilet, installation knob and washbasin. A coloured mixer tap, in a shade of pink, dilutes all the brutality.
At the ends of the walls separating the white and black parts there is also additional coloured lighting, same as in the kitchen-diner.
This is a one-bedroom flat in which moving the walls was not considered. But it was possible to add them to form blocks according to their functional purpose.
So, when you enter the flat, you see a white cube that houses the extra storage in the hallway and the kitchen work area. In the kitchen-diner we have placed a freestanding island and a modular sofa overlooking the city.
The private part of the flat can be reached via the distribution block. The centrepiece of the bedroom is the bed, and to hide storage space, an additional room – a wardrobe – has been created.
The bathroom was also divided into a light and a dark side for functional reasons. For this purpose, the bathroom was hidden behind two partitions that formed a light portal.
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