Location: Russia, Ekaterinburg
Area: 55 sq.m
Project Status: in progress
Year: 2022
Type of property: new building

The main task of the project is to design an unusual space for rent, which will be filled with designer pieces.
Since this flat is to be inhabited by people who appreciate aesthetics and want to have a new sensual experience.

Apartment duplex, compact. This immediately gave us the idea that the entire space should become a single sculpture in which the shapes that form the space are formed.
The accents were black metal, solid wood in the dining group and a muted blue upholstered area.
Entering the apartment, we find ourselves in a small space, a black cube.
Where there is everything you need to take off your clothes, change your shoes, look in the full-length mirror and open the sliding doors to get into the common space of the kitchen-diner.
Also, for the period of hot days, an air conditioner was provided over the front door.
The kitchen-diner is a monolithic form, where it feels as if there are only a few pieces of furniture. Dining table with ebony chairs is accented by two hangers from the designer. A combination of a modular gray-blue upholstered sofa with an armchair, next to which stands an incredibly beautiful floor lamp. And of course, the focus is made on the artist's full-height painting on the wall of this sculptural space.

However, along the entire wall, where the entrance door is located, the fronts in the ceiling conceal a functioning kitchen with all the necessary appliances, a laundry room with a washing machine, the entrance group – the hallway – and additional storage space for clothes and suitcases.
We would like to talk a bit more about this incredible, impressionable, sculptural part of the room – the staircase. It does not just connect the two floors, it sets the plastic of the interior.
And by positioning it on the opposite wall, opposite the exit to the terrace, we have given the kitchen-diner area more space. This way residents will come down admiring a beautiful view of the city.
On the second floor there is a work area. It is a wooden table, an upholstered chair and a table lamp from the designers.
And because this part of the flat is quite narrow, a panoramic mirror was placed along the entire wall to enlarge the space.
The sleeping accommodation is a monolithic podium with rounded steps.
In the headboard on the wall are two sconces, in black by the designers.
Opposite the bed is a floor sink made of stone, above which is an artist's mirror.
In any art space it is important to think of the function and purpose of the space. That is why we have not forgotten to include a coat rack. The storage was placed between the washbasin and the bed, behind fronts in the ceiling covered with the same material as the entire sculptural work.
Shower, toilet and sink units are separated by arc-shaped partitions.
Thus, one arc accommodates the shower and the other accommodates the sink. And the toilet is formed by the two reverse partitions of the arcs.
In the sink area, there is storage behind the designer's mirror where you can put toothbrushes and toothpaste. And to the right of the sink, there are hooks for towels.
The shower room has everything you need: overhead shower, hand shower, niche for toiletries, hooks on the warm wall for bathrobes. And also a panoramic mirror, which doubles this room.
Above the toilet we have installed a water heater, behind the fronts of which the same material has been used as in the entire room. Thus, the cabinet is not in the foreground and dissolves in the overall volume.
We get to the terrace from the kitchen-diner, through the podium, which is the storage area for the music records. And which can also become additional seating space for guests.
A stunningly beautiful outdoor lounger is provided, in black metal from a designer. And a set of table and chairs of the same brand, where you can drink coffee and watch the sunrise in warm weather.
The existing planning solution did not quite suit us because it did not reflect the way people live in this space.

That is why we removed all the partitions on the first floor and created a spacious kitchen-diner with a hidden work area in the kitchen, a large dining table and a seating area with modular sofas overlooking the terrace. Thus, guests can gather in a large group and feel free.

On the second floor, we placed a private area, where the study and bedroom are separated by an enclosed unit with shower and toilet.
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