Location: Russia, Tyumen
Area: 78 sq.m
Project Status: in progress
Year: 2022
Type of property: new building

This project has been designed for a young couple who loves traveling, but even more –coming back home. Therefore, our main objective was to create the space where one would like to return to. This is the place where one could slow down after a long journey, make sense of all that was witnessed and start planning new trips.

These are the clients and the place itself which would generally become a source of inspiration in our projects. And this project is no exception. The apartment is located next to the river port. Therefore, the basis of the interior was a luminous space filled with air.
The middle of a living kitchen was arranged with a magnetic marker coating for the clients to draw up a plan of their future trips and preserve their memories.
Upon entering the apartment, we immediately find ourselves in a large, luminous space of a living room. The hall is a small niche, on the one side of which there is a wardrobe for storing outerwear, on the other side – a full-length mirror and a soft pouf.
The keystone of the apartment is a living kitchen area. The space design is arranged along the central axis, on both sides of which there are panoramic mirrors creating the effect of a gallery.
The living room area is arranged by a comfortable sofa together with a rotating module, a soft carpet and a coffee table. The sofa module can be rotated, thereby changing usage scenarios. Opposite the sofa, there is a projector screen. The clients love gathering in big companies and watching films. And by the window, there is a mirror shelving unit for books and albums.
The kitchen is divided into two sections, namely a column with a refrigerator and storage units and an open working area. Lower modules of the working area are made of wood veneer. Upper modules are finished with plaster. Under the upper modules, there is a shelf for the collection of souvenir cups owned by the client. On both sides of the working area, there are panoramic mirrors. This trick increases the space several times and makes it filled with even more light and air.
The dining area is represented by a massive wooden table. The clients adore gathering in big companies. This is why we placed chairs on the one side. And on the other side, a bench was placed to provide an opportunity to seat as many people as possible and tuck it under the table when there are no guests. Above the table, there is a chandelier resembling a ship's sail.
Between the living room and the hallway, there is a dressing room for non-seasonal clothes. This space was turned into the wall for plans and memories. It is finished with a magnetic marker coating. This is the place where the clients will plan their trips and keep memories.
The bedroom area for the clients is located to the right of the entrance to the apartment. In the middle of this space, there is a luxurious bed with a wide headboard. On the one side of this bed, there is a pouf, and on the other side, there is a drawer unit with a built-in planter. By the bed, there is a portable table that can be used both as a bedside shelf and as a projector stand.
Opposite the bed, there is a big wardrobe for storing clothes with the facades finished with plaster. And to the right of the bed, there is an open clothes rail for morning looks.
The bedroom and the shower room are divided by a wall with round glass tiles. Their shape refers us to ship's portholes. And the solution itself creates an additional scenario of lighting up both the spaces.
The ceiling in the bedroom area is made of exposed concrete. This is why the lamps have surface wiring.
One of the clients' key wishes was to create a spacious shower room in a private area. Therefore, the former area of a dressing room and a small water closet was turned into one space of the shower room. Opposite the door, there is a black wall-hung sink and a built-in cabinet with mirror facades. This solution significantly increases the shower room space. The closet behind the sink was designed not only to store hygiene products, but also to have a washing unit.
To the right of the entrance, there is a shower area, on both sides of which there are walls with round glass tiles. This solution adds natural light to the shower area and preserves privacy at the same time.
The children's room consists of three functional areas:

The bedside area by the window is represented by a wooden podium with soft bolsters. On the one side, there is a full-fledged sleeping place with orthopedic mattress, on the other side – a pouf. This solution allows designing the space with the children's room to grow.

The playing area is located in the middle of the room, consisting of a small-space writing table with chairs, a hanging swing and a wall-drawing area. We used a marker coating for finishing the wall in order not to put any limits on the creativity of a younger resident of this room.

The storage area by the door is represented by a built-in wardrobe with the facades made of veneer. This is a full-fledged space for storing children's clothes, toys and books.
Next to the children's room, there is a bathroom. Opposite the entrance, there is a large bath equipped with a built-in faucet. To the left is a wall-hung sink which hides a storage area and a heating boiler. To the right is a wall-hung toilet.
A lower part of the space is finished with the tiles coated with a graphic pattern. And an upper part is finished with plaster.
We got a three-room apartment with two bedrooms and a spacious living kitchen from the real-estate developer.
The clients set their minds on a spacious living kitchen and a separate shower room in a bedroom unit. This is why we made internal alterations to the premises. Two storage rooms were turned into one dressing room, with the living room area being broadened. And the master bedroom unit was designed to combine a dressing room and a water closet for a spacious shower room to be arranged. Additional niches were further embedded for built-in wardrobes.
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