Location: Russia, Ekaterinburg, Ural Branch of the NCCA (National Center for Contemporary Art)
Area: 350 sq.m
Project Status: implemented
Year: 2021

Exhibition: Human 2.0
Artists: art project ZArisovki
Curator: Roma Bantik
Architecture: A77

To shape a mobile exhibition area while maintaining the chronological order of the created works and the opportunity to alter them.
We divided the exhibition area into halls according to their functional purpose:

HALL 1. INSTALLATION. The main exhibition space with our final A0 artworks on display.
HALL 2. LIVE ART PERFORMANCE. A canvas made of transparent plastic film was exhibited there, undergoing various transformations during the exhibition.
HALL 3. DOCUMENTARY FILM. This hall was specially designed in such a way that the visitors could watch our documentary revealing the exhibition backstage together.
HALL 4. DOCUMENTARY CHRONICLES. This hall was designed for watching the chronicles, shot on a VHS camera, alone.
HALL 5. SKETCHES FOR THE EXHIBITION. This hall holds sketches of A4 and A3 artworks.
HALL 6. HUMAN 2.0. In this hall, metal canvases are exhibited. This is a new technique Roma Bantik began to use in the midst of a pandemic. This a technique of humans 2.0.
Description: 27 metal cables holding A0 canvas of transparent plastic film
Transformation: Each cable holds one canvas. Each artwork can be moved from one wall to another. Thanks to the material – a transparent film – and the way the canvases are placed, they can be superimposed on one another, resulting in the birth of a new "Me".
4 metal cables, holding an 18-meter canvas of transparent plastic greenhouse film.
act 1. A blank canvas. Beginning
act 2. The canvas is moved to hall № 1. The audience starts with the blank canvas together with the artist. Everyone becomes part of the exhibition. The resulting artwork is then moved back to hall № 2.
act 3. The finished artwork. Continued.

AUTHOR: Roman Vlasov
DURATION: 14 minutes, 2021

This is a record of the acts of the game and the process of creation of all the human 2.0 exhibition items, captured from February 18 to March 13, 2020.
the participants of ZArisovki project are looking for answers to the following questions: what is a human? what is love? what am i?

AUTHOR: Roma Bantik. VHS camera
DURATION: 7 minutes, 2020–2021

This is a record of the acts of the game made by the participants from within the project. During filming, the camera was held by various participants.
The hall is divided into two sections.
Act 1: A4 artworks are exhibited at the wall, forming a single rectangular canvas.
Act 2: A3 artworks are exhibited in the corner of two walls, forming a single rectangular canvas.

Act 1.
"On February 18, 2020, we initiated our game in several acts. First of all, we all got to know each other.
We wrote down our own and each other's names.
Then we began combining all of them. Some people had to finish what others started.
We wrote down the word "human" in different languages, each of us using his or her own sheet of paper.
Then we wrote down the word "human" together, using a single sheet of paper.
After that, we tried writing down the word "human" with our eyes closed."
Roma Bantik

Act 2.
"On February 26, 2020 we went on with the game.
«ut this time, on a bigger scale. We played with the word "me".
We wrote down the word "human" in different languages again, each of us using their own sheet of paper.
Then we wrote down the word "human" together,using a common sheet of paper.
After that, we tried writing down the word "I" with our eyes closed."
Roma Bantik
A year ago, we were looking for the meaning of "Me", moving between black and white.
Today,* we try to stay somewhere in between, using gray metal background and a riot of color.

"ZArisovki project is based on interaction of all the participants with the style and techniques of the guest artist. The black and white painting period synchronized with the creation of the project which was initially called human 1.0.
We all change throughout our lives and even throughout one year. In mid 2020, i discovered a new material for my art. Metal. And i started to create my artworks from aluminum waste and industrial parts found at the production unit of intermold foundry located in the town of pervouralsk.
The exhibition opened in 2021. And that is when i got an idea and realized i had a dream. I was thinking: what if we started a joint project today? what would it be like?
Human 2.0 is all about empathy, about overcoming your ego. Metal canvases merge with the surroundings and reflect the light and colors of the world without losing itself.
In the exhibition halls of the ural branch of the ncca, we discovered yet another property of metal canvases. We found out that they also toll. And this sound appears in the spacious halls and then dissolves into silence.human 2.0 exhibition gropes for its own boundaries, allowing the visitors to interact with its objects and the exhibition space as a whole through the sound vibration of canvases and colors, to become part of the exhibition."

– roma bantik, curator, artist
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