Location: Russia, Ekaterinburg
Area: 71 sq.m
Project Status: in progress
Year: 2020
Type of property: new building

Today, many customers want to buy a quick-mounting country house so that they can move close to nature and enjoy country life as soon as possible. We developed an interior design concept for A-FRAME triangle house by DOMINO. It is a turnkey solution that can be ordered together with the house and can save time on design activities.

House is a place of power where a person is energized. Its interior space slides into the landscape thanks to architectural solutions: window walls, open plan and natural materials. In this way, a person is amid the environment and can closely follow nature.

The entrance area is visually separated from the living room by a beam design. There is a wardrobe for outer garments and a utility room to the left of the entrance, which form a dressing room. Under the staircase, there is a boiler room opposite the entrance.
The common space of the house is located on the ground floor and divided into 3 zones:
– A built-in kitchen completes the space of the staircase and bathroom. It is represented by a space-saving work area with everything required for cooking: an oven, a built-in refrigerator and a dishwasher. There is also a top shelf for storing utensils and top cupboards. The kitchen facade is stone veneered, which makes the surface natural and pleasantly tactile.
– The dining area is represented by a round table finished in micro concrete, cosy chairs with cushioned backs and a pendant bar, which create an intimate atmosphere in the evening.
– A seating area consists of a sofa and two armchairs, with a coffee table in between. It will be very comfortable to gather together here with family and friends.
All storage areas in the house are designed in such a way that they are difficult to be noticed straight away. The dressing room is a single unit with storage space in the hallway, but with the entrance on the staircase side. Hence, when walking down from the bedroom, one can get straight into the dressing room. It is a small but roomy space. There are clothes racks for storing garments on hangers on the one side, and pull-out drawers and shelves on the other side.
One of the features of this design is an open bathroom. With such magnificent windows and the forest outside, one can indulge in taking a bath while viewing the nature.
The WC is adjacent, but behind the door. There is a wheel window between the bathroom and WC, which allows natural light in. A mirror above the sink not only comprises storage space, but also makes it possible to look at the reflection of the trees.
The bedroom space is open. It is on the first floor. Climbing up the stairs, one can see a pleasant view from the window wall. There is a bed on the left, which is accessible from both sides. Either side of the bed opens a view of the forest. There is a projector located above the staircase flight, and the inclined plane of the roof became a screen, which means the owners can enjoy movies while staying in bed. Behind the staircase, there is room for a linen dresser.
Moreover, a customary first-floor railings were substituted with a large desk, again with a view of the nature.
The design is based on a functional arrangement. The house is divided into two parts: common and private. The first zone is represented by a kitchen-living room with a dining area and access to a terrace; the second zone is represented by a bathroom, WC, dressing room, utility room, and bedroom. By combining all wetcore areas, we created a central compartment. This allowed us to achieve proper zoning and maximum free space without corridors, dead ends and dozens of doors.
The residents' movement pattern shapes the space. For instance, when the owners walk down from the bedroom, they find themselves straight in the bathroom and dressing room and further they follow to the kitchen-living room. Thanks to the reasonable allocation of functional areas, a person is able to perform day-to-day activities as comfortably as possible.
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