Location: Russia, Ekaterinburg
Area: 60 sq.m
Project Status: implemented
Year: 2021
Type of property: new building
Photo : Maksim Loskutov

The clients of this project: a young couple who travels a lot and is fond of contemporary art. They already have a house outside the city and need an apartment for temporary residence for when they come to the city. The main wish of the customers was to create a functional interior that would inspire them.
Visually, on the one side they like the idea of having chamber textured interiors with natural shades, and on the other side sterile ones, with white walls, and contrasting details.
Therefore, our task as architects was to create an ergonomic interior, as well as an ethically verified one, where every angle is harmonious, without unnecessary details.

Thanks to the redevelopment, we got a functional interior with natural light in every room.
In the project, we used the contrast of materials: brutal concrete and warm wood, textured plaster, and a smooth white wall. And to visually expand the apartment: the floor and walls were made in a single tone. In addition, the floor in the entire apartment is self-leveling, so there is not a single sill and joint.
The black lines of the metal frame and open wiring on the ceiling give the interior a graphic look.
All storage systems in the apartment are integrated into the walls and are invisible. So, for example, the wooden block separating the hallway and the bedroom is actually a double-sided wardrobe. In the hallway, there is a place for outside clothes and shoes. And to enlarge this hallway space, we placed a panoramic mirror to the left of the entrance.
The space of the kitchen-living room is divided into 3 zones:

– first is the kitchen zone. We placed a kitchen set along the wall. And to create symmetry in the interior, the facade of the built-in refrigerator was covered with decorative plaster, just like the ledge by the window. Thus, we got an axis of symmetry from the center of the kitchen to the TV. The facades of the kitchen set have a wooden texture, and the apron is made of porcelain stoneware, identical to the tone of decorative plaster. The dining area has a solid ash table. At the same time, on one side of the table, we put comfortable chairs with backs, and on the other side, a wooden bench that can be pushed under the table and removed from the aisle. A recycled paper lamp hangs above the table to create an atmosphere in the dining area.

– second is the living room which is separated from the kitchen by a custom-made couch. By the sofa, there is a concrete coffee table made according to our sketches. The tabletop has a picturesque shape and rests on three cylinders. There is a built-in storage system opposite the sofa. Behind it is a TV and a ventilation system that filters fresh air to the kitchen-living room and bedroom. The facades have a mechanism— an accordion, open by pressing.

–the third zone is a recreation area where you can read books or look out of the window at the park, sitting on a soft armchair.
The bedroom is small but functional. It contains some voluminous storage locations. All the facades do not have handles as they open when pressed. Due to its minimalistic form, the white cabinet fronts also function as a screen for the projector.
In the bedroom, we have placed a large bed of solid ash, bedside tables: one is made of a tree trunk, and the other is made of concrete.
There is no overhead lighting in the room, only soft light from a sconce. And to comfortably choose clothes in the wardrobes, we provided a backlight, which automatically turns on when the doors are opened.
The bathroom is perhaps the most important object of attention in this apartment since part of the walls are made of glass. Of course, this is a rather bold decision, and not everyone would agree to this, but we were fortunate with the customers who supported this idea. In case of the arrival of guests, blinds are installed that completely cover the glass.
Entering the bathroom, we see a hanging sink with a mirror, behind which there is a small storage for hygiene products.
There is a freestanding bathtub by the window, made of artificial stone, in which you can enjoy the sunset. There is also a separate shower unit, and because it is pretty deep, we made it without any fences.
The bathroom has a separate space where the washing and drying machines are placed.
We got a two-room apartment with two storage rooms, a large corridor, and a small bathroom from the developer.
Customers wanted more air, natural light, and a bathroom with both a walk-in shower and a freestanding bathtub.
Since the apartment is located on the second floor above the non-residential premises, this gave us freedom for redevelopment.
We divided the apartment into three main areas: a kitchen-living room, an isolated bedroom, and a large bathroom. And to visually expand the space, the partitions in the bedroom and bathroom were made of glass. But at the same time, they retained the possibility of privacy in both zones.
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