Location: Russia, Moscow, Artplay
Area: 213 sq.m
Project Status: implemented
Year: 2022
Type of property: commercial premises
Photo: Gorbunova Natalia

Mononova is a brand of minimalist upholstered furniture with its own production in Ekaterinburg. The company opened a flagship showroom in Moscow, and our main task was to turn the upholstered furniture store into an art space.

The concept is based on the idea of transforming a furniture showroom into a gallery, where each piece of furniture is an exhibit itself.
In the process of space creation we were inspired by the production of the company and the materials they use. Partitions made from cylinders, resembling rolls of fabric and foam rubber have become the main zoning element.
The whole space was made in white color. In the center there is a bright hall, the color of which can be changed depending on a collection.
There is a reception area with a large picturesque table for managers and clients at the entrance to the showroom. This zone is formed by two elements: the background and overhead illumination.
The background is a picturesque partition of white cylinders, on which the company logo is placed. And the overhead illumination is a large round canvas which evenly illuminates the entire area.
This area also includes a built-in wardrobe where documents and a printer are stored, and there is also place to store visitors' outerwear.

In the process of work on creation of a planning concept, we have taken into consideration a supporting structural column in the center of the entrance area. Since it wasn't possible to remove it, we made functional storage around it.
From the entrance side we made a closed kitchen with a sink, a place for a coffee machine, dishes and utensils.
From the managers' side there is an additional storage for fabric samples and accessories.
The gallery on the first floor is divided by picturesque cylinder partitions.
The center is a round hall of fuchsia color. Being contrasted with the background of a monochrome interior, it attracts visitors' attention and thus fulfills its function as a photo zone. It has two entrances, which allows a great variety of routes for visitors. According to the concept, this hall can be repainted in different colors, thus changing the atmosphere of the space.
The largest room on the 1st floor is a double height living room. This space was formed with a classic combination of soft zone and TV. The picture with the project logo becomes the center of the composition and the point of attraction of this zone.
This part of the space has another function – a lecture hall. Customers plan to hold meetings and lectures in the showroom, so we have formed a maximum number of lounge seats in this area. We also placed coffee tables along the windows to make it more convenient for guests to study.
The space on the second floor was divided into three bedroom areas.

The first zone contains the largest bed with legs and a sofa on the opposite side. By the bed there are art floor-lamps made according to our sketches. They are shaped as white pipes which support the idea of fabric rolls.

The second zone has a round aquamarine carpet and a lamp above the bed.

The third zone contains a cozy bed and a work desk in front of it. The table here is required for the work of managers and designers.
There is also a built-in wardrobe for a steamer and for storage of bed linen on the second floor.
The existing premises was a double height area with panoramic windows on one side. On the first floor there were closed offices without natural light and two sales areas. On the second floor there was an open space for employees.

In order to turn this space into an art space, we kept only one closed premises – a recreation area for employees. In the rest of the space, we formed picturesque walk-through halls with exhibition samples of the furniture.

3 fully-featured workspaces were also organized for the work of employees: at the entrance in the reception area, in one of the halls on the first floor and on the second floor.
We arranged a zone for lectures and parties in the double height area.
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